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PanoSelfie is Art,
by SelfiBlitZ

It is a surprising opportunity to share your impressions about every place you go.
No matter where you are: in Basel, Miami Beach or Hong Kong.
Once the SelfiBlitZ® is in its place, click the "panorama" button.
Take a PanoSelfie
Using your image in SelfiBlitZ® and the holographic level tags, snap a picture.
Publish and share
View the images using the comparative frames.
How to make a panorama selfie?
You see your image in the selfiblitz and holographic markers of the level in it.
You make your panoramic photo with their help.
Edit photo, determining its size. Cut off the excess. Your masterpiece is ready for publication.
Orange - square photo for Instagram
Blue - the standard selfie
Red - photo made with a selfie stick
Green - PanoSelfie processed at 2:1 ratio to embed in Instagram
Yellow - the best possible size
4 Х

shows more than the standard of mobile photography, increasing the frame size
20 foot

it is the length of the stick you need to take a similar to panoselfie photo.

all surprised

in one photo you tell us in what amazing places you have been

always with you, at any time, always available
examples of photo
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