you are sure what your camera is taking

Screen allows you to see
what your back camera sees,
giving you more confidence to capture
the shots you want.

It's a removable screen that seamlessly attaches
to the back of your camera for added convenience and control


SelfIblitz is a magic card!
It works as your extra screen.
The mirror of your phone's soul:
the reflection of everything it sees with its main powerful back core camera.
Capture the fleeting moment!

Welcome to Selfiblitz®
The slimmest 4-inch additional screen
It attaches to the back of your device, near the back camera.
Use the main back camera of your phone for selfies .
The main camera captures incredible photos and video in 4K.
PanoSelfie gives you the feeling of presence in the picture.
Thin SelfBlitZ® looks like a card.
An amazingly thin "Anatolian mirror" (patent title) card is a perfect companion for any smart phone or tablet.

Multi-layered construction of thin lenses, holographic corrector, visual holographic markers, reflecting mirror, the chip and button.
We created it to open new possibilities of your phone.
To achieve the quality of the reflected image, a specially constructed layer of the card will automatically adjust your image in terms of both the size and angle.
We created it to open new possibilities of your phone.
Once the card is in its place, you can either take it off after you are done with selfies or leave it on your phone permanently. It will affect neither the front nor the back cameras' functionality. But it will provide you with the additional benefit of taking fun pictures with friends. As the image is duplicated on your device's screen, anyone who is taking your picture will have a much better result because you will know exactly how you'd look in the shot. Or you can take selfies with one or more friends and an entire group.

A simple solution, easy to install and maintain an incredible result
Allows to see the image on your screen before you take the shot
Allows to see the better positioning in the shot and adjust the frame

Captures much more space than a regular selfie
Correct real time
Automatically corrects distortions in the picture's corners

No need to use clumsy selfie sticks or stretching your arm as far out as possible

allows to take pictures with a friend or a group of people, improving the experience of taking pictures, deciding which frame and angle to take, and seeing exactly how everyone will come out in the picture
Selfie on the beach? Easy!!! The illumination of the screen won't interfere you. Works perfectly with the backgrounds that reflect the light, such as ocean or snow
Use your own flash. Works in insufficient lighting conditions, dramatically improving the image quality, can be enhanced with iBlitz flash (to be released later)

It's amazing.
Now every photo for me as a selfie.
Shor Maller
It's incredibly comfortable.
The models themselves help me to make the perfect photo.
Nikita Obukhov
SelfiBlitZ® was a surprise for me:
I started to fix my hair and make up.
Amanda Palmer
Regular photos taken with SelfiBlitZ®
Many people in our trials said that taking pictures of friends with a selfie card provided them with a much better social experience of "bonding with great fun."
Selfie photos taken with SelfiBlitZ®
Your selfie just got more beautiful

Thanks to SelfiBlitZ® you not only use your phone's best camera for selfie, but also it's flash. So you can shoot great selfies, even at night and in low light. And if you use a True Tone flash, it adjusts to ambient light and ensures natural color and natural skin tone. Using the flash's light allows you to shoot not only photos, but also selfie videos in excellent quality.

It's gonna be a hit that will make your friends jealous!
Panorama with SelfiBlitZ®
We are pushing the boundaries.
Panoramic photos bring out the feeling of immediacy and scale in your images

Once the SelfiBlitZ® is in its place, click the "panorama" button.
Take a PanoSelfie
Using your image in SelfiBlitZ® and the holographic level tags, snap a picture.
Publish and share
View the images using the comparative frames.
Orange - square photo to Instagram
Blue - the standard selfie
Red - photo made with a selfie stick
Green - PanoSelfie processed at 2:1 ratio to embed in Instagram
Yellow - the best possible size
Orange - square photo to Instagram
Blue - the standard selfie
Red - photo made with a selfie stick
Green - PanoSelfie processed at 2:1 ratio to embed in Instagram
Yellow - the best possible size
4 Х

Lager than a standard mobile photo, increasing the size of the frame

always simple, always available, always free

The Selfiblitz® will give your phone a second life. You will not need to buy a Selfie phone and selfistick!!!
SelfiBlitZ® for video and Go-PRO
As you fall in love with your new SelfiBlitZ for photos, you will experience the incredible new features in the video.

Video and actions cameras

If you make a lot of videos, you will love using SelfiBlitZ while recording as it will help you see what your camera sees and records.

This process is important if you like streaming to Periscope or Vine.

And it is especially interesting if you are shooting with action cameras like Go-Pro.

This is why we have created a special version of SelfiBlitz with an expanded angle of reflection and the holographic system markers to be used for videos.
makes sharing photos and videos easy and fun
easy sharing
When you take photos with SelfiBlitZ®, you will always be able to get them in the app on your phone.

Have you ever been left out of group shots with friends and family just because someone has to be on the other side of the camera? Now you're covered with the best photo and video app that puts you in front of the camera.

The original App comes as a simple and intuitive way for remote control and recording of pictures and video!

It is available in your iCloud photo library when you buy a SelfiBlitZ®.

Ask your friends to contact us, to get SelfiBlitZ® and become a star.
Visual communication
We're here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else to be here?
To the 100 anniversary of the OSA, we are producing a limited edition SelfiBlitZ® OSA 100 .
Founded in 1916, The Optical Society (OSA) is the leading professional association in optics and photonics, home to accomplished science, engineering, and business leaders from all over the world.
Proceeds from sales will go to create a new laboratory in the field of solar energy "Solar iBlitz" in NSU.
This effect "WOW" also allows us to reduce the price of our cards . Advertising our sponsors on the SelfiBlitZ® makes them cheaper and more affordable for you.
Most importantly, we will be able to begin production immediately in the process of formation of the order.

iBlitz Technology in solar energy - oriented innovations. This is a radical improvement, qualitative superiority in solar generation for households. The creativity and expertise of this team will ensure significant progress toward availability of clean energy.

visioner, invertor

"I'm a pacifist.
I feel so blessed that I've put an end to the competition and war between the front and the back cameras this year: the International Year of Light! "
IBlitz Inc
what to expect?

Fee for the SelfiBlitZ®
July 2018

Start of delivery on pre-orders

You in the center of attention
5 new ways

We created it to open new possibilities of your phone.
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